5 Best Ways To Make Money Online

Here are the 5 key ways of making a living from your home that has taken the world by storm and still has plenty of room for newbies.


According to Forbes, Fiverr is one of the largest marketplaces to sell services. You can find an array of services from building websites to creating book covers or from writing articles to creating video introductions. Fiverr allows anyone tell sell a service and all that is required is filling out a simple form. So you can go on there today and post a advert that you would create a 450 word article for $5 then charge extra $5 for every 20 words written after.

Selling products online

This comes under E-commerce and is helping people rake in millions of dollars from 1 or multiple sites. The best thing about selling products online is that you don’t need to hold inventory (stock).

Those days are gone to have boxes of stuff in the garage and trying to flog them of to your neighbour. Instead you can do drop shipping, open a online store with Shopify and go to sites such as Alibaba.com or Aliexpress.com, find a niche that you would like to sell in and copy the images and set your own prices and add these to your store.

When a visitor lands on your site they place the order and make the purchase so then with that money, you purchase from the wholesalers and deliver it as Drop-shipping. That way no labels will be attached to the product and the customer will not know where the product came from so all credit goes to yourself. There are a few T&C’s involved but this is perfectly legal and also welcomed from major wholesalers such the “Ali” stores.

Freelance writing

Is a way many are able to get a consistent income daily by helping people write articles, blogs, essays or even research on given topics. One of the most sought websites with over 1.5 million users is Upwork.com where you can find a writer in any given niche and help write on any style of project.

Depending on your writing skills you are able to charge per project or charge per hour whoch ever you think will suit your needs. It is extremely simple to get signed up and a lot of people use this site to outsource their work which can help you boost your daily earnings.

Affiliate Marketing

There are tons of sites where you can get products from to promote such as Clickbank.com, commissionjunction.com Rakuten.com and all these sites provide products in almost every niche you can think off. In general if you ever see a product or a service online, the majority of larger companies nearly always have an affiliate program where you can also bank.

It is advisable to to your research beforehand and source the products that you believe will sell well to the target audience you have. In some cases, you may need a website to get approval but as the saying goes “there is plenty of fish in the sea” so don’t let that stop you from finding the right company and product for you to promote.

Playing and Clicking Apps

Another cool way to make money online is to earning playing and clicking apps. Swagbucks.com is awesome survey site that pays people for completing basic tasks for a virtual currency. Which you then exchange for real currency and get it sent to your Paypal or get gift cards to use online.

Millions of people are using this in the US and it has had a big impact on those with extra time and a hunger for some quick cash. Advertisers do the paying for watching videos, taking polls and doing searches and the more time you can put in then the more you can earn.