Make Money with Your Blog by Improving the Credibility of Your Blog and Get More Readers

Blogging is all about showcasing expertise in a particular subject field and building credibility. If readers feel that the information found in your blog is accurate and that you know what you are talking about, they will not only become repeat visitors, they will also likely sign-up to your newsletter and RSS feed, comment on your posts, and tell their friends about your blog. Building a popular blog is therefore all about building credibility.

Aside from being knowledgeable about your blog’s subject matter, there are other steps that can be taken to allow your blog to build credibility. These steps involve both improving the design of your blog to give it a more professional look and improving the quality of your posts to ensure the information you are providing is accurate and well-written.

Blog about What You Know

The most important step to improving the credibility of your blog is to provide accurate information in every article. There is really is no room for error here. Although the information in your blog can represent your own opinion, any statement you make should be based on facts that other experts in your field could validate. Bloggers often fall into the trap of trying to broaden the scope of the subjects their blog covers beyond their expertise.

Try to stay within the boundaries of your knowledge and avoid posting articles about subjects with which you are less familiar. If you wish to expand the categories or subjects your blog covers, then make sure you do extensive research before you post.

Avoid Grammatical Errors

Nothing will hurt your blog’s credibility more than a post full of mistakes and grammatical errors. Even a few mistakes here and there make your articles appear unprofessional. Make sure you read over each article several times before you post to your blog. Read over it once after you have finished writing, then wait 24 hours and read it again. Finally, ask someone else to read it as well. Also, make sure you proofread your website’s content such as “about” or “profile” pages. Further, it is important to write professionally when you respond to comments or comment on other blogs as well as when you respond to e-mails and requests.

However, like a first meeting, readers will form an opinion of your blog almost immediately upon reading the first post, and if it is poorly written, you may have lost that reader forever. It is therefore important to take the time to go over your posts and make sure they are free of errors.

Get a Custom Blog Theme

Getting someone or a company to design a custom blog theme for your site is a great way of improving its credibility. Custom blog design can make your site appear more professional than using the basic theme provided with your blogging platform. A custom blog design also allows you to customize the navigation and layout of your blog, making it more user-friendly and allowing you to organize your posts more effectively.

Custom blog theme depends on how far you want to take your blog. Most, if not all, of the internet’s most popular and successful blogs, have custom designs. It becomes necessary as your blog expands, but it also sends a message that you are serious about your blog and that you are willing to spend a few dollars improving it.

Do Not Overuse Keywords

In the hopes of improving search engine rankings, many bloggers will stuff their posts with keywords to the point where they become unpleasant to read. Remember that in the long run your blog’s popularity will be dictated by the quality of the information it provides, not by the number of keywords on your site. So, make sure your posts remain readable, fun and interesting and implement your keywords when it makes sense to do so. Anyway, too many keywords will hurt your blog’s rankings.

One way to make sure you are not putting too many keywords in your post is to write your article first, then perform your keyword research and decide which keywords to focus on once your post is finished. This will ensure that you are writing for your readers and not for search engines!

Get links from credible blogs

Link building, in theory, is simple, but the application is very complex. It is not easy to build links to your site, and getting them from credible sources is even harder. However, getting links from credible blogs is not only important to building your own blog’s credibility, but it also does wonders for SEO. Obviously, blogs that have gained a strong reputation in your subject field are best.

So how can you receive a link from a credible blog? The first thing you should do is ask. If your blog has something to offer and interesting articles, they may simply link directly to one of your articles. They may also ask you for original content that they can post on their blog with a link back to your site. If asking does not work, try to join the forum or comment section and build a presence on the blog. Other readers will notice your comments and opinions and may follow back to your blog.

Remember that building credibility on your blog is not something you do quickly. It takes time and demands effort and constant attention and hard work. However, building credibility on your blog will lead to more followers and its popularity will constantly increase; the rewards are therefore worth it so be patient!