Setting Up an Internet Business – Top Reasons Why You Need To Have a Blog for Your Online Business

Blog creation is a big thing at the moment and blogs are popping all over the internet. Everyone seems to be creating a blog because blog creation is an effective way to communicate your thoughts about anything to anyone willing to listen and follow. Blog creation is rapidly gaining popularity and is useful in many ways. If you want to sell anything online – your workshops, teacher training, books, vitamin supplements, and life coaching sessions – you must have a mind/body blog.

If you are into online marketing business blog is a great way to make more sales in your business. With minimal effort and about $12, you can have a blog up and running in no time. Here are the five reasons why I think you need a blog.

Here are some great reasons you should start business blogging today.

Build long-term relationships- Blogging is one of the best ways to build long-term relationships with prospects and customers. A blog helps create a community of users – marketers can connect with their entire community of customers and talk to them as if they were talking with each of them in person. Visitors will feel they belong to the online community growing around your blog.

Branding: – The Web is an extremely competitive marketplace. To stand out you must differentiate yourself and with social media, including a human touch, is paramount. A blog is very important to every business because it helps by moving more visitors to your business. By engaging visitors in online dialogues, a blog helps you establish rapport and build relationships with visitors. With a blog, you can separate your product or service from the competition… especially the competition that doesn’t have one.

Feedback: – Forget customer surveys, a blog is ideal for gathering feedback from prospects and customers. Blogging creates an opportunity for instant feedback. Think of many blog threads and comments on many blogs that told more about their customer’s needs and desires than any expensive and boring marketing survey.

Word of Mouth: – Blogs create word of mouth by giving readers useful information and tips. When you blog to help visitors solve real problems, people will tell their friends about you and in most cases, they will also send your link which means every person who reads your blog and finds it useful becomes a potential marketer for your business, just because they find it useful. This is far more powerful than any paid promotion; it is a vote of confidence.

Search Engine Optimization: – Useful content is the key to search engine ranking. Blogs are far and away better for this because they are regularly updated. Each time they are search engines (of which Google is still King) detect the updated content when they crawl your blog. Continually updated, useful content is good for your visitors… after you have been blogging a while your visitors will look forward to new, fresh content and will come back for it.

Social Networking: – Make your blog part of your social network. As an online marketer, I direct people first to my blog before my website. Remember what we said about presenting a human face? Do this for your business with your blog whenever you can. A blog is about connecting and sharing. Social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube prove the popularity of online communities. It’s because they provide a space where people can share common experiences. As you build your own social network, your blog can be a central hub of that network and community.

Once you have a community of users excited about your product they will feel connected and will tell their friends about it. You have an opportunity to create a niche market around them. You can invite your customers to submit their own video or audio testimonials to publish on your blog. People love to comment on video feeds making them excellent for starting comment threads.

Be seen as a listener and problem solver. Your followers will come to you for advice and recommendations. Moreover, if you satisfy your followers’ queries then they will point their friends to your blog and your blog or blogs will gain popularity fast.

Broaden your networking capabilities. Through your networks, you might build valuable relationships. Followers or observers of your blog might want to partner with you in joint ventures. You might need something and one of your followers might have it or advise you where to acquire it.