3 Easy Ways To Earn While You Travel

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could travel the world and still get paid at the same time. Go from city to city and country to country and still earn some dosh to carry on travelling. It’s all been made possible with the world wide web, herds of young and old people are packing everything in and travelling to fulfil a life long dream. If they can do it then you can do it too…

Become a travel photographer

This is by far the coolest part of travelling because we all love to take photos. The truth is also that you don’t need to be the best photographer either, all you need is a descent camera and an imagination to take amazing pictures. It’s not as easy as they make it out but if you equip yourself with enough information from Google and Youtube and go into the field with the right mindset then there shouldn’t be anything that stops you. A famous travel photographer Brendan Van Son who makes a regular income from travel photos says “the wealthiest travel photographers in the world are not necessarily the best photographers rather  the ones whom are best at marketing themselves”

Become a travel blogger

One very popular way that is used by thousands of people is write travel blogs for your own site or for other travel sites. This is a fast and productive way of making money online and as like all writers your skills of writing will improve with the more articles you write. Creating your own blog can require a lot more effort when it comes to managing your own site which is why it is best to write for other sites. You can simply go to sites where there are similar articles for where you are travelling and use those for inspiration. From blogging, many bloggers get paid through advertisement, sponsored content and affiliate offers where a blogger can earn up to $1000 plus but it will require consistency and some effort on your side.

Become a travel vlogger

One of the most sought and new trends to make money whilst travelling is to Vlog, Video Log or Video Blog… You can call it what you like but the out put is always the same. Doing video recording and uploading to your channel on Youtube or to your Instagram account. This takes much consistency as do the ones above but this can be the most fun if you are not video shy. Shoot videos, edit them and upload to your social media account and with a lot of consistency and some patience you can earn a descent income should the marketing be done correctly.

As you can see from above that 3 of the most popular ways to make money when travelling is being done and has proven to earn a income whilst travelling. The rest is up  to you how much time and effort you are able to put in which will determine the results you get out.