3 Simple Steps To Make Money With Facebook

As you may know that Facebook now has over 1 Billion active profiles and millions of users per day. No wonder everybody wants to get a share of the pie when it comes down to making money off Facebook. However you are not a big company so we’ll say that you do not have money to invest in advertising, well not yet anyway. So let’s check out the 3 Free Methods to make money on Facebook!

Facebook Group

This is one of a few strategies that you can use… The best thing I have found is to create a group in a niche for your local town or city and relate this to shopping. The idea behind this is to have have a group where other people will post advertising material and in return you get plenty of engagement so you can then post your own affiliate links or products to sell. Let’s use the example of “Ohio Online Shopping”, the name is catchy and now all you need to do is add people to the group. At first you will need to join all the local groups and post your link in there on a regular basis and soon you will see that people are trying to join your group because of the “catchy” name and the deals people may come across.

Facebook Pages

You might think this is a complicated process but as a matter of fact being an admin of a page is super simple. You will need to find a niche you know something about. I would advise something you enjoy for example if you have a pet then you can base it around that. A community page where people get information on how to look after a dog. Create a fancy cover, this can be done on canva.com for free and put in a couple of posts a week on the page. Then join all the pet groups and pages that you can get your hands on and post your page link in there advising people how your page can help them. Over a period of time you will see that people will start joining your page and you just have to approve their requests to join. Once you have enough traction on your page then you can join a couple of pet affiliate programs and post products in your page where people will buy and you make a commission from them.

Network Marketing

This can be the most time consuming but at the same time it can be the most financially rewarding. To start this you will need to have a friendly attitude and be a people friendly person. The reason I say this is because A Person will only talk to someone if they see that person is genuine and isn’t making friends only for a benefit. So lets start… Join a company named Clickbank.com where you can find tons of programs which give out a Free Affiliate Links, no cost to start up. Find a course in there which you think can benefit people and collect your affiliate link. then create a nice friendly profile and if you have real life pictures of yourself having fun, post those on your wall. Next go and add thousands of friends, this can be a little time consuming but the best place to look is in the make money online groups. they’re obviously in those groups because they are interested to make money.

Now once you have a decent sized friends list, start connecting with people on Facebook Messenger and make friends (please do not sell on the first meet). Remember, not every body likes to kiss on the first date so you will treat everyone with the same respect that you deserve yourself. Now we need to keep a spreadsheet, you can get a online excel doc with Google so you can record the name, time so that you can remember to go back to that person once a week. I would advise to sell on your 3rd meet but depending on your conversations sometimes it may be 2nd or even 4th meet. The point to remember here is that people do not like being sold too, people only will buy something from you if you can provide them with the benefits and if they trust you. And last but not least, post daily on your own timeline, of your day to day life and fill it up with plenty of pics… Remember if you don’t have anything good to say then don’t say anything at all because positivity will attract like minded people and same goes for negativity. This is an $100k a year strategy so Put It To Practice!

The above strategies I am sharing is what is working today and how people are make hundreds of thousands per year from Facebook with no advertising budget. The only thing you have to do is take action and trust me the journey is sweeter than it looks and majority of people that do the above enjoy the process and make a lot of money online. Be a helper and not a seller and you’ll be rich in no time.